Acne Care

Illinois Dermatology Institute
Dr. Mouhammad Aouthmany, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist

Acne Care
There are different types of acne.  Comedonal, inflammatory, cystic, mixed, etc.  This section is focused on mild acne and assisting with the side effects of medications that treat complex acne.  There is no cure for acne and no overnight treatment.  It takes about 2 months to appreciate any improvement.  
  • Do not do dermabrasion or planning or peels without consulting your Board Certified Dermatologist first as this could make your acne worse!!! 
  • With any acne medications, make sure to follow strict sun protection as the treatments will make your skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays and not help resolve old acne.
  • If pregnancy occurs, STOP all medications unless approved by your dermatologist 
  • Do not use biore pore strips or toners or peels or any other product unless instructed. This is short lived and makes skin extra sensitive.
In the morning, wash with a mild cleanser listed below.  Then your sunblock and makeup.  (Your medication in the AM should never be a retinoid as this will get deactivated by the sun and may cause a rash)

At night or after school/work, wash with a mild cleanser listed below. Then apply your moisturizer and then the medication

Mild cleanser
  • EltaMD facial cleanser
  • SkinBetter AlphaRet or AlphaRet intensive
  • Avène Recovery Cream
Sunblock (mineral):
  • EltaMD UV Clear