Anti-Aging Skin Care

Illinois Dermatology Institute
Dr. Mouhammad Aouthmany, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist

Anti-Aging Skin Care

The number one cause of aging is UV.  It degrades the essentials layers in the skin causing it to become more wrinkled, thin and dry.  Visit the AAD Anti-aging skin care page. 

There are now over the counter products that are available that previously were prescription.  The main regimen should include: mild cleaner, sun protection cream, and a retinoid.

In the morning, wash with a mild cleanser listed below.  Then apply your sun protection cream.

At night, wash with a mild cleanser listed below. Then apply your retinoid listed below.  Then moisturizer if needed.
***If skin is dry/sensitive, after washing, immediately apply the moisturizer, wait 30 minutes, then apply the retinoid below.  Skipping a night or more is ok.  some people can only tolerate once a week.  You will find eventually your regimen and nobody is exactly the same.

Mild cleansers
Sunscreen (chemical) and Sunblock (mineral) and mixed:
  • Differin once at night.  
    • Use until dry and slight peeling.  If too irritated and/or dry, then skip a night or more. Then restart.  Some use nightly, others are once a week!  Everyone is different.  You want a gentle peel that you can tolerate!
  • If the above is tried for 3 months and no or minimal improvement, the next step is prescription tretinoin.  This can be obtain with an office visit.